Get Involved

What can you do?

See below for the suggested items to purchase and bring them--unwrapped--all year long to St. Cloud Aviation, especially on the day of the event.  Also check with your local airport to see if they have a drop box for Tree of Hope. 

You can also call a volunteer on the CONTACT US page, who will arrange to pick up your donations.

You can donate cash (or check or via PayPal) instead, and you can also volunteer to help collect, sort, package, and deliver the toys!  See some options under "Supporters" below.


What do we need?

Gifts for children from birth to 18 years of age. You can donate by the PayPal button below.  Or a check payable to TREE OF HOPE can be sent to one of the contacts. Every gift and 100% of every donation received goes to the children in hospitals, as we are all volunteers and pay for all administrative expenses and for the pickup, packaging, and delivery of the toys.

Younger Children: Cuddly stuffed animals, books, activity and color books, puzzles, dolls, and trucks.

Older Children: Books, videos, CDs, tapes, cameras, electronic hand-held games, jewelry, cosmetics, magnetic chess and checker games, cards, clothes, and small radios. We especially appreciate hand-made items like lap quilts, hats and scarves and gift cards.

   But anything that will bring a smile to a young person's face is welcome!!


  • Families volunteer each December  to give their children the experience of giving at holiday time.
  • Scout, neighborhood, and church groups volunteer for service projects.
  • Companies are giving employees recognition for volunteering.
  • Even Santa and Mrs. Claus have visited our event!

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